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Our Dark Paint Top Picks

Mt. Platta Project: Cabinets in Westcott Navy by Benjamin Moore.

We are in a mood. A mood for dark paint! Though we are always game for all things light and bright, we can’t help but want to lean into the dark side. Deep, moody rooms have been making us feel all types of ways lately, and we are here for it! It feels soulful, ages with elegance, and can feel incredibly timeless. Dark paint is a great way to add drama to any space, yet it still pairs seamlessly with neutrals and bright whites. It can add depth and dimension while also providing a rich contrast against other design elements, like furnishings, fixtures, and textiles. We are total suckers for a dark hue paired with anything antiqued brass or reclaimed wood. Better yet, use a plaster or limewash finish, and we are talking about absolute textural heaven! 

So if you are obsessing over these moody vibes as much as we are, you are in luck! We went on a deep dive and compiled a list of some of the best dark paints in the game. Take a little peek at some inspiring designers who are really doing the dark paint game right, and shop our favorite colors below.

Looking for other shades of paint? Check out our post on some of South Harlow’s tried-and-true favorites! DESIGN TELL-ALL: OUR FAVORITE PAINT COLORS.

Interiors by Athena Calderone. Cabinetry in Railings by Farrow & Ball.
Interiors by Augusta Hoffman. Walls in Fade to Black in Roman Clay Finish by Portola Paints.
Interiors by Raili CA Design. Cabinetry in Ripe Olive by Sherwin Williams.
Interiors by Colossus MFG. Walls in Off-Black by Farrow & Ball.
Interiors by Studio Giancarlo Valle. Walls in Shelter in Limewash Finish by Portola Paints.


TOP ROW: 1. Fade to Black by Portola Paints , 2. Ripe Olive by Sherwin Williams , 3. Westcott Navy by Benjamin Moore | SECOND ROW: 4. Amherst Gray by Benjamin Moore , 5. Railings by Farrow & Ball , 6. Onyx by Benjamin Moore | THIRD ROW: 7. Off-Black by Farrow & Ball , 8. In the Navy by Portola Paints , 9. Cheating Heart by Benjamin Moore | LAST ROW: 10. Down Pipe by Farrow & Ball , 11. Shelter by Portola Paints , 12. Greenblack by Sherwin Williams

5 Colors Inspiring Us to Go Bold in 2022

Image from our Peters Stone Project.

We are deep into the design grind over here, and we are right in the midst of pulling inspiration and brainstorming for some upcoming projects in 2022. While we typically stick to a signature look, it’s always fun to explore what other fellow designers are up to in order to get some ideas flowing. We are all about leveling-up our aesthetic and pushing our boundaries as designers. That’s what the new year is all about right? Refueling and reinvention is necessary to ensure that we don’t stay stagnant and our designs don’t feel too repetitive. It’s all about expanding our palate as designers and keeping things exciting over here! So on that note, there is a different type of palette that is catching our eyes. We’ve been noticing more and more designers experimenting with deeper and richer color palettes that are being used in refreshing and bold ways. We typically stick close to all types of neutrals and soft earth tones, but we can’t help but feel so drawn to these striking and moody hues. Maybe it’s the positive energy of starting the year off on a clean slate, but we are getting inspired and our engines are ready to play with color in 2022. Take a peek below at five colors that are pulling at our heartstrings!

Plum Red

Interior Design by Studio Hus.

This deep and romantic hue feels so classic and timeless. It’s not as vibrant as a true red, yet still packs a punch. It’s a glorious mix between an earthy aborigine and a muddy maroon. Plum can feel traditional while also feeling modern depending on what furniture and lighting you pair with it, and we love the instant sophistication that this color brings into any space.

Interior Design by Banda.
Interior Design by Susanna Holmberg Studios.


Interior Design by Eric Olsen Design.

Okay we know, black…what a shocker. Also, can you even consider black a color? In our book, that’s a big yes. We are here to say that it’s all about how you use black: the scale, the proportion, the subtle shifts in tone from ash, slate, and obsidian. Yep, the bolder the better! Bring on all the mood.

Interior Design by Transition State.
Interior Design by Ashe Leandro.

Deep Teal

Interior Design by Shapeside.

A cool tone that blends soothing coastal hues with the earthy, grounding feels of the forest. Mix this color with dark walnut, caramel-toned leather, or a sleek ebonized oak, and you have yourself a refined, high-end feeling palette that feels both warm and cool. Add in a few Nordic modern pieces mixed with some global, vintage finds for the ultimate eclectic mix of old and new.

Interior Design by Arent & Pyke.
Interior Design by DISC Interiors.

Dusty Rose

Interior Design by Prairie Interiors.

This is a color on the softer side, but once again, depending on the scale and usage, it can make a bold impact. Use as a limewash, plaster, or stucco, and this feminine shade instantly brings a textural and ethereal feel into a space. If you want to be super daring, go entirely monochromatic and play around with varying tints, shades, and tones of this rosy hue.

Interior Design by Kelly Wearstler.
Interior Design by Phoebe Nicol.


Interior Design by Reath Design.

Talk about a big glass of warm sunshine! This cheerful golden tone is not quite a true yellow, but it’s not quite an orange either. It has a little more zing than a mustard, but still feels a bit muted and approachable. Pairing this shade with dark wood tones, browns, brass, and shades of mushroom is a recipe for the coziest home. To make this palette feel more modern and up-to-date, use furniture, lighting, and hardware with clean, sleek lines and nothing too ornate.

Pantry by Plain English Kitchens.
Interior Design by Taylor + Taylor.

The Return of Grasscloth Wallpaper

Image from our Windansea Project.

Does anyone else remember their parents having jute and raffia-covered walls back in the ’70s and ’80s? Oh yes, we know we sure do! Well, it’s 2021, and grasscloth wallpaper is back in action! Though it seems to be trending, this textural wallcovering piece stands the test of time. Its natural material and cozy, down-to-earth feel make it a true interior favorite during these travel-reduced times of being cooped up inside the home. Any reason to bring more of nature’s elements into the home is always a win in our book!

Image from our Peters Stone Project.

Grasscloth is a general term for any natural fibers that include jute, sisal, hemp, seagrass, and raffia. Not only do these fibers feel organic and laidback, but they are also sure to adapt to any interior style: polished and traditional, rustic and refined, bold and dramatic, you name it! These days, grasscloth extends far beyond your typical neutral-colored sisal, too. We have naturally dyed colors of all hues, block-printed patterns, and geometric shapes in all types of sizes. You can go as subtle and understated or as striking and impactful as you choose. Grasscloth wallpaper is a great alternative to paint when you are looking for something with more depth and dimension, and it’s a way to add layers of warm texture without being too distracting or overpowering.

Scroll below to take a little peek of a few grasscloth wallpaper looks that we are loving and some designers who are doing this look so right. Feeling inspired? We’ve gathered a list of a few wallpapers that are catching our eyes, from natural-toned to bold color to patterns small and large. Let us know what you think!

Interior Design by Katie Monkhouse Interiors.
Interior Design by Heidi Caillier Design.
Interior Design by Brooke Wagner Design.
Interior Design by Jean Stoffer Design.

Our Top Picks in Grasscloth Wallpaper:

1. Indigo Grasscloth , 2. LOXO Onyx Grasscloth , 3. Ritva Grasscloth , 4. Two-Tone Stripe Grasscloth , 5. Wan Grasscloth , 6. Tailor Grasscloth , 7. Amane Grasscloth , 8. Sying Grasscloth , 9. Juicy Jute – Baltic Blue , 10. Riley Grasscloth , 11. Bit of Blue Grasscloth , 12. Grasslands in Taupe

Timeless Looks for 2021

Powder bath from our Fern Glen Project featuring “Old English” inspired faucet.

We have made it! The never-ending year of 2020 is finally coming to a close, and boy are we ready. Though the year has felt like it has been concocted by some cruel Hollywood movie directors, there have been some major moments of celebration, too. To sum it all up, 2020 has been a YEAR, and we are pretty sure that everyone can agree on that.

So on that note, we are here to wrap up the year with a good old fashioned, fun-spirited, inspirational design post. We are talking about timeless trends, people! Though the word “trend” gets a bad rep, we can’t help but notice similar design themes circulating amongst the industry. Today, we are uncovering some of our favorite looks that we’ve seen throughout the year that we can’t wait to see more of in 2021. These looks are way more timeless than they are trendy, and we wouldn’t mind seeing them over again and again. Take a little scroll below, and let us know of any timeless trends you all are loving.

Oversized Pendant Lights

Interior Design by Denise Morrison Interiors.

Now, this is the type of 2020 drama we DO like. We have been seeing several versions of oversized pendants across all forms of styles: modern, traditional, & coastal to name a few. We are loving the bold statement these light fixtures make yet they don’t seem to take over the show. They are the perfect way to play around with different weights, symmetry, and balance in a space. You can have one show stopper, have a classic pairing of two, or even have an entire group of pendants (like the example shown below) for the ultimate jaw-dropping effect.

Interior Design by Eric Olsen Design & Raili Ca Design.
Interior Design by Studio McGee.
Interior Design by Piotr Paradowski Studio.

Old English Elements

Interior Design by Amber Interiors.

From the tumbled brick, to the big square-paned glass, to the round, knobby hardware, Old English is back and better than ever. Who doesn’t want to feel like they are peacefully tucked away into a cottage in the countryside? Old English is known for intricate millwork and quality craftsmanship, so every detail and the mix of soft earth-toned materials oozes with comfort and charm.

Interior Design by Heidi Caillier Design.
Interior Design by Anastasia Casey of The Identite Collective.
Interior Design by Kirsten Danielle Design.

Double Kitchen Island

Interior Design by M. Elle Design.

A classic case of two is better than one. One island designated for food prep and the sink and the other for counter seating. Having this much counter space is what kitchen goals are made of. Let the friends and family cooking affair begin! Once COVID is over of course.

Interior Design by Lindye Galloway.
Interior Design by Studio Lifestyle.
Interior Design by Kate Marker Interiors.

Statement Brass

Interior Design by Studio Lifestyle.

Brass is no new thing, but the way we use brass has become more bold and daring, and we are big fans. Brass can be a great way to add in an unexpected layer of warmth while keeping things elegant, and we all know, brass only gets better with age. We love a good patina!

Home Build by John Bynum Custom Homes.
Interior Design by Disc Interiors.
Interior Design by Oz Interiors.

Refined Rustic

Interior Design by Leanne Ford.

A mix of old and new at its finest. The style “rustic” is known for the look of reclaimed wood beams, stone walls, and outdoorsy elements – it has a feeling of being undone. Couple that with sleek plaster, modern lighting, and paired back Scandinavian furniture, and we have ourselves a refined masterpiece made in heaven. Opposites do attract, friends!

Interior Design by Trickle Creek Homes.
Interior Design by Jake Arnold.
Interior Design by Hawk & Co.

Thanks for reading and following along! We have the deepest gratitude for each and every one of you. Have a safe and happy new year, and just like that, 2020 – it’s a wrap!!

Trends That Feel Timeless: Wood-Paneled Walls

Bedroom from our La Jolla Project

Howww is it almost July?! 2020 will forever be known as the slowest yet fastest year known to date. While COVID may have caused us to rearrange some plans, one perk is that it has given us a little time to go down a Pinterest inspiration tunnel, hence our post today.

We get hired to come into homes old and new. We’ve had the pleasure of fixing up some 1950’s and 60’s homes preserving their quirks and character, while on the other hand, we’ve been brought on to bring life into some tract homes with not so much charm, architecturally speaking. Whatever the type of house, a big part of our job is making our clients’ home feel comfortable and well-lived while also making them feel interesting and current.

An impactful way to bring charm and personality to your home is through the use of custom millwork. We are talking wall paneling to be exact. Wood-paneled walls are a great alternative to the everyday paint job and wallpaper. It gives an otherwise ordinary room a custom and personal touch. Paneled walls can elevate the whole room by adding texture and dimension. Depending on which type of paneling is used, the detailing can feel classic and traditional, modern and refined, or even ornate and European.

We are tried-and-true fans of shiplap, but lately, we’ve been crushing on other types of paneling, too. You’ve probably seen the square grid, board and batten accent wall in our latest La Jolla Project via Instagram. We are so grateful our client trusted us to give her bedroom walls some much-needed lift and depth, and we are so pleased with the results. The pitched ceilings mixed with the square grid walls made this space feel much larger while also staying warm and inviting.

The possibilities and locations within the home for these beloved wood-panels are endless, so we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite examples below. Hope you enjoy the inspiration as much as we did!

Square Grid Board and Batten from Jean Stoffer Design
Paneled Wainscot Entryway by Grey Lane Homestead
Applied Moulding via Jean Stoffer Design
Paneled Wall via Studio Eliana Rokach
Square Grid Stairway by Moore House Design
Image via Ethnicraft

Looking for a few accessories to bring more texture into your home? We love decorating with wovens, greenery, and linens to name a few. Shop our South Harlow Home goods below!

Shop the Look: 1. Jute Baskets (Set of 2) , 2. Glazed Stoneware Planter , 3. Polka Dot Throw , 4. Woven Zuzu Basket