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5 Colors Inspiring Us to Go Bold in 2022

Image from our Peters Stone Project.

We are deep into the design grind over here, and we are right in the midst of pulling inspiration and brainstorming for some upcoming projects in 2022. While we typically stick to a signature look, it’s always fun to explore what other fellow designers are up to in order to get some ideas flowing. We are all about leveling-up our aesthetic and pushing our boundaries as designers. That’s what the new year is all about right? Refueling and reinvention is necessary to ensure that we don’t stay stagnant and our designs don’t feel too repetitive. It’s all about expanding our palate as designers and keeping things exciting over here! So on that note, there is a different type of palette that is catching our eyes. We’ve been noticing more and more designers experimenting with deeper and richer color palettes that are being used in refreshing and bold ways. We typically stick close to all types of neutrals and soft earth tones, but we can’t help but feel so drawn to these striking and moody hues. Maybe it’s the positive energy of starting the year off on a clean slate, but we are getting inspired and our engines are ready to play with color in 2022. Take a peek below at five colors that are pulling at our heartstrings!

Plum Red

Interior Design by Studio Hus.

This deep and romantic hue feels so classic and timeless. It’s not as vibrant as a true red, yet still packs a punch. It’s a glorious mix between an earthy aborigine and a muddy maroon. Plum can feel traditional while also feeling modern depending on what furniture and lighting you pair with it, and we love the instant sophistication that this color brings into any space.

Interior Design by Banda.
Interior Design by Susanna Holmberg Studios.


Interior Design by Eric Olsen Design.

Okay we know, black…what a shocker. Also, can you even consider black a color? In our book, that’s a big yes. We are here to say that it’s all about how you use black: the scale, the proportion, the subtle shifts in tone from ash, slate, and obsidian. Yep, the bolder the better! Bring on all the mood.

Interior Design by Transition State.
Interior Design by Ashe Leandro.

Deep Teal

Interior Design by Shapeside.

A cool tone that blends soothing coastal hues with the earthy, grounding feels of the forest. Mix this color with dark walnut, caramel-toned leather, or a sleek ebonized oak, and you have yourself a refined, high-end feeling palette that feels both warm and cool. Add in a few Nordic modern pieces mixed with some global, vintage finds for the ultimate eclectic mix of old and new.

Interior Design by Arent & Pyke.
Interior Design by DISC Interiors.

Dusty Rose

Interior Design by Prairie Interiors.

This is a color on the softer side, but once again, depending on the scale and usage, it can make a bold impact. Use as a limewash, plaster, or stucco, and this feminine shade instantly brings a textural and ethereal feel into a space. If you want to be super daring, go entirely monochromatic and play around with varying tints, shades, and tones of this rosy hue.

Interior Design by Kelly Wearstler.
Interior Design by Phoebe Nicol.


Interior Design by Reath Design.

Talk about a big glass of warm sunshine! This cheerful golden tone is not quite a true yellow, but it’s not quite an orange either. It has a little more zing than a mustard, but still feels a bit muted and approachable. Pairing this shade with dark wood tones, browns, brass, and shades of mushroom is a recipe for the coziest home. To make this palette feel more modern and up-to-date, use furniture, lighting, and hardware with clean, sleek lines and nothing too ornate.

Pantry by Plain English Kitchens.
Interior Design by Taylor + Taylor.