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Pillow Chats: Styling, Mixing, & Our Favorite Picks

Photo from our Hymettus Project.

Happy 2021! We’ve made it through the first month, and we can’t help but feel like we are on the upswing. We are keeping things light for this month’s post. Cozy, fluffy, comfortable… any guesses?! If you guessed, throw pillows, you’re in for a treat!

Today, we are sharing our tips for styling your throw pillows and some pointers on how to select pillow combos, too.


Photo from our La Jolla Project.

First things first, curate a color palette. You can pick colors of the same family and similar hues, or you can select colors that compliment each other and flow together cohesively. We like to start with a neutral base and then add in color from there to keep a nice balance.

Don’t be scared to mix different types of prints! Prints can be so fun, and believe us, you don’t want to miss out on a good time. Mix colors within the patterns that flatter each other and don’t compete. On the other hand, try not to go overboard with too much of the same print. For example, try not to use too many stripes. Mix those stripes with an organic floral pattern or something graphic to break up the print. Remember to play with different scaled prints, too. Using a big bold graphic? Try pairing it with a smaller, daintier pattern for a nice mix of weight and contrast. Lastly, when in doubt, mix those prints with a solid color. Bonus points if this solid has a nice textural element like braided wool or nubby linen.


Photo from our Skylark Project.

We often get questions from clients on how to make throw pillows look so effortless and in the right place. To be blunt, how do make pillows look pretty and not like a hunk of fluff? Well, let’s work our way from back to front. Biggest pillows in the back! We are talking those 24” x 24” or 22” x 22”. Once those are in place, start layering in those medium pillows next. Those 20” 20” or 18” x 18” – we are looking at you! Yep, you guessed it, smallest in the front. We love placing a pretty little lumbar in the front for a nice variation in shape and size.

HOT TIP: When placing the pillows on the couch, we always start by placing pillows in the corners. It’s the perfect little nook to add layers of texture. Also, work from the outside inwards. The first pillow in the corners, then add in the front pillows moving closer towards the center.

For a bed, we like a little 3, 2, 1 effect. The three biggest pillows in the back, the two medium-sized next, then a longer lumbar in the very front. This depends on the size of your bed of course, but it works like a charm almost every time.

Photo from our La Jolla Project.

Hope you all learned some fun tips on throw pillows. Next time you or a friend is in a pillow crisis, you know who to call. Scroll down below to check out a few of our favorite pillows from us here at South Harlow Home and beyond!


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