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Our Dark Paint Top Picks

Mt. Platta Project: Cabinets in Westcott Navy by Benjamin Moore.

We are in a mood. A mood for dark paint! Though we are always game for all things light and bright, we can’t help but want to lean into the dark side. Deep, moody rooms have been making us feel all types of ways lately, and we are here for it! It feels soulful, ages with elegance, and can feel incredibly timeless. Dark paint is a great way to add drama to any space, yet it still pairs seamlessly with neutrals and bright whites. It can add depth and dimension while also providing a rich contrast against other design elements, like furnishings, fixtures, and textiles. We are total suckers for a dark hue paired with anything antiqued brass or reclaimed wood. Better yet, use a plaster or limewash finish, and we are talking about absolute textural heaven! 

So if you are obsessing over these moody vibes as much as we are, you are in luck! We went on a deep dive and compiled a list of some of the best dark paints in the game. Take a little peek at some inspiring designers who are really doing the dark paint game right, and shop our favorite colors below.

Looking for other shades of paint? Check out our post on some of South Harlow’s tried-and-true favorites! DESIGN TELL-ALL: OUR FAVORITE PAINT COLORS.

Interiors by Athena Calderone. Cabinetry in Railings by Farrow & Ball.
Interiors by Augusta Hoffman. Walls in Fade to Black in Roman Clay Finish by Portola Paints.
Interiors by Raili CA Design. Cabinetry in Ripe Olive by Sherwin Williams.
Interiors by Colossus MFG. Walls in Off-Black by Farrow & Ball.
Interiors by Studio Giancarlo Valle. Walls in Shelter in Limewash Finish by Portola Paints.


TOP ROW: 1. Fade to Black by Portola Paints , 2. Ripe Olive by Sherwin Williams , 3. Westcott Navy by Benjamin Moore | SECOND ROW: 4. Amherst Gray by Benjamin Moore , 5. Railings by Farrow & Ball , 6. Onyx by Benjamin Moore | THIRD ROW: 7. Off-Black by Farrow & Ball , 8. In the Navy by Portola Paints , 9. Cheating Heart by Benjamin Moore | LAST ROW: 10. Down Pipe by Farrow & Ball , 11. Shelter by Portola Paints , 12. Greenblack by Sherwin Williams

Bring on the Light: Table Lamp Roundup

Photo from our La Jolla Project.

Looking for a good way to light up your life? Well, you’ve come to the right place. When contemplating ways to enhance the ambiance of a room, lighting is easily one of the key players. In particular, one of the best ways to layer in elements of warmth and create mood is through accent lighting.

Photo from our La Jolla Project.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to incorporate a calming and comforting environment at home, a table lamp might just be your answer. Table lamps are, of course, functional, but they also add an artistic decor element to any space. Pairing soothing light with a sculptural design component is a double win in our book.

Photo from our Peters Stone Project.

Lucky for us, the options of lamps of all sorts these days come in quite an incredible range. Whether it be plaster, ceramic, rattan, or stone, the material and design style of your choice is out there, we promise! Go bold with statement shapes and scales, keep things classic with clean and timeless lines, or better yet, mix a few design styles for a beautifully dynamic home. So, whether it be in the entryway, living room, bedroom, or office space, check out our top picks in table lamps to add that extra layer artistic functionality to illuminate your home today. 

The Table Lamp Roundup

1. Boulder Table Lamp , 2. Mojave Ceramic Lamp , 3. Decker Table Lamp , 4. Sandstone Table Lamp , 5. Ansley Table Lamp , 6. Bella Skirt Lamp , 7. Capelli Table Lamp , 8. Minimalist Table Lamp , 9. Wood & Woven Lamp , 10. Hascombe Rattan Lamp Base , 11. Playa Table Lamp , 12. Frankfort Black Ash Lamp


Photo from our Point Loma Project.

Things are moving and grooving over here at South Harlow! We have several projects nearing their finishing line and awaiting photography, and we are so eager to share them with you all. Amongst these projects are several bathrooms and kitchens of all characters and styles. So that got us thinking, what do these spaces have in common that is a necessity as well as serve as a form of stylistic accessory? Faucets of course!

My oh my, there sure are many faucets of all shapes and sizes out there in the ether, so where to begin? Each room carries its own needs in terms of preference and function. For a kitchen faucet, you are wanting something with a high arch, sprayer, and something that will fulfill all of those daily kitchen tasks. For the bathroom, depending on how big the space may be, we must consider vanity space and if you are wanting to go the wall mounted route or the deck mounted route. Maybe you are looking for something that will elevate your bathtub to feel more like a spa-like experience. There are plenty of factors to take into consideration, to say the least, but when it comes to selecting your faucet, that part can be fun!

Photo from our Fern Glen Project.

We know the options are endless these days therefore honing in on selecting your perfect piece can feel a bit challenging, but consider this part like accessorizing your outfit for the day. Depending on what you plan on doing in the space, you want the faucet to be as functional as it is attractive. You want the faucet to pair with the overall style of your home. If you have a set tone for your home, select a faucet that sticks with that same style. On that note, however, mixing finishes can be fun, too. We love that look of mixing metals between faucets, hardware, and lighting. Just try to keep the mix minimal and make sure the overall color palettes flow together.

Photo from our Point Loma Project.

We’ve checked our sources, and we’ve selected some favorite faucets of all types and styles for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. Whether you’re looking for something for your kitchen, bath, or perhaps even your laundry, we’ve got you covered. Take a little scroll below and maybe give your sink a little upgrade.


1. Rejuvenation Bathroom Faucet , 2. Kingston Brass Wall Mount Faucet , 3. Studio Ore Kitchen Faucet , 4. Waterworks Bathroom Faucet , 5. Brizo Kitchen Faucet , 6. Delta Wall Mount Faucet , 7. Devol Kitchen Faucet , 8. Perrin & Rowe Wall Mount Faucet , 9. Newport Brass Kitchen Faucet

Timeless Looks for 2021

Powder bath from our Fern Glen Project featuring “Old English” inspired faucet.

We have made it! The never-ending year of 2020 is finally coming to a close, and boy are we ready. Though the year has felt like it has been concocted by some cruel Hollywood movie directors, there have been some major moments of celebration, too. To sum it all up, 2020 has been a YEAR, and we are pretty sure that everyone can agree on that.

So on that note, we are here to wrap up the year with a good old fashioned, fun-spirited, inspirational design post. We are talking about timeless trends, people! Though the word “trend” gets a bad rep, we can’t help but notice similar design themes circulating amongst the industry. Today, we are uncovering some of our favorite looks that we’ve seen throughout the year that we can’t wait to see more of in 2021. These looks are way more timeless than they are trendy, and we wouldn’t mind seeing them over again and again. Take a little scroll below, and let us know of any timeless trends you all are loving.

Oversized Pendant Lights

Interior Design by Denise Morrison Interiors.

Now, this is the type of 2020 drama we DO like. We have been seeing several versions of oversized pendants across all forms of styles: modern, traditional, & coastal to name a few. We are loving the bold statement these light fixtures make yet they don’t seem to take over the show. They are the perfect way to play around with different weights, symmetry, and balance in a space. You can have one show stopper, have a classic pairing of two, or even have an entire group of pendants (like the example shown below) for the ultimate jaw-dropping effect.

Interior Design by Eric Olsen Design & Raili Ca Design.
Interior Design by Studio McGee.
Interior Design by Piotr Paradowski Studio.

Old English Elements

Interior Design by Amber Interiors.

From the tumbled brick, to the big square-paned glass, to the round, knobby hardware, Old English is back and better than ever. Who doesn’t want to feel like they are peacefully tucked away into a cottage in the countryside? Old English is known for intricate millwork and quality craftsmanship, so every detail and the mix of soft earth-toned materials oozes with comfort and charm.

Interior Design by Heidi Caillier Design.
Interior Design by Anastasia Casey of The Identite Collective.
Interior Design by Kirsten Danielle Design.

Double Kitchen Island

Interior Design by M. Elle Design.

A classic case of two is better than one. One island designated for food prep and the sink and the other for counter seating. Having this much counter space is what kitchen goals are made of. Let the friends and family cooking affair begin! Once COVID is over of course.

Interior Design by Lindye Galloway.
Interior Design by Studio Lifestyle.
Interior Design by Kate Marker Interiors.

Statement Brass

Interior Design by Studio Lifestyle.

Brass is no new thing, but the way we use brass has become more bold and daring, and we are big fans. Brass can be a great way to add in an unexpected layer of warmth while keeping things elegant, and we all know, brass only gets better with age. We love a good patina!

Home Build by John Bynum Custom Homes.
Interior Design by Disc Interiors.
Interior Design by Oz Interiors.

Refined Rustic

Interior Design by Leanne Ford.

A mix of old and new at its finest. The style “rustic” is known for the look of reclaimed wood beams, stone walls, and outdoorsy elements – it has a feeling of being undone. Couple that with sleek plaster, modern lighting, and paired back Scandinavian furniture, and we have ourselves a refined masterpiece made in heaven. Opposites do attract, friends!

Interior Design by Trickle Creek Homes.
Interior Design by Jake Arnold.
Interior Design by Hawk & Co.

Thanks for reading and following along! We have the deepest gratitude for each and every one of you. Have a safe and happy new year, and just like that, 2020 – it’s a wrap!!

‘Tis the Season for Tasteful Holiday Decor

Ho ho ho! It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are finally amongst us. Can you believe they’re here?! 2020 has felt like a never-ending story, but here we are. Cozier and more bundled at home than ever. This year, there is no question that we have all felt the importance of home and how all the little things that we surround ourselves with during our day-to-day really do matter. We have no room for clutter and not so cute nonsense within our walls. With all the time indoors, especially with winter approaching, it’s becoming ever so clear that our houses should feel peaceful, inspiring, and be a space that can allow us to be the best versions of ourselves during life’s crazy. Now that the holidays are here, holiday décor should be no different! It should be of no surprise that holiday decorations can get bad and cheesy pretty quickly, but do not fret friends, that’s why we are here! We have rallied up our favorite holiday décor pieces just in time to welcome the festive cheer. No shiny overweight Santa Claus figurines around these parts! Take a look below and shop the dreamiest of holiday accessories curated from us for you. Happy holidays and happy shopping!

Shop Holiday Decor:

1. Dried Harvest Wreath , 2. Wood Winter Forest , 3. Golden Metal Bells Door Hanger , 4. Star Christmas Calendar , 5. Striped Linen Stocking , 6. Brass Star Ornament , 7. Vermont Evergreen Ornament , 8. Woven Rattan Tree Topper , 9. Seeded Eucalyptus Garland , 10. Beechwood Garland , 11. Brass Candlestick , 12. Sitka Tree Basket

For the Love of Rugs: Sizes, Layouts, & Our Top Picks

Dining room from our Hymettus Project.

Hello friends! We are getting into a favorite décor item this month, rugs! Whoop! A rug can be a total mood changer in any room. It quite literally can make a whole space feel grounded and can pull together an entire space. Need some warmth and texture? A rug can do that for you. Does your room feel unfinished, and do you need a way to make a space feel cozy and inviting? Yep, a rug is the answer to that, too.

Depending on your style, the options for this lovely base layer goes on for days. You can go vintage, you can go natural jute, you can go bold and graphic, or even go with braided wool. We love a good vintage Turkish rug, but sometimes we want to go for something more classic and paired-back in pattern. Depends on the mood and depends on the house, right?

We thought it would be handy to do a quick little rug size and layout guide for three of our most lived-in spaces: the living room, the dining room, and the bedroom. So take a scroll below, and we hope you enjoy a few tips of information.

The Living Room

Living room from our Hymettus Project.

Oh, the living room. This is one of the most asked about spaces in terms of rug size queries. We know we have had our fair share or rug dilemmas in this room that’s for sure. When it comes to a living room rug, it’s best to get a rug that is longer or as long as the length of your couch. As for furniture layout, make sure that just the front furniture legs are on the rug and allow for the back furniture legs to be on the floor. It allows breathing room and allows for the rug to anchor together all of the furniture so that they don’t look like they are floating around in space. If you have space for a large enough rug and for your furniture to be entirely on that rug, by all means, go for it! Just make sure the rug is longer and goes past the edge of each side of the sofa and accent chairs or else it will make your furniture appear like it’s being squished, and who wants that? We are going for comfort all the way!

Also, for the ones who like a two for one special, don’t forget about layering your rugs! This is a great option if you have a rug that seems to be too small, but you are dying to use it. Layer that treasured gem over a larger jute area rug, and you have yourself a textural masterpiece.

One last little note, consider the amount of traffic your living room gets. Consider a type of rug that is durable and a color that won’t be getting dirty too quickly. If you are considering a rug that is lighter in color, definitely go for a material that is easy to clean. 

The Dining Room

Dining room from our Hymettus Project.

A rug in the dining room is dependent on many different variables: the size of the room, the size of your dining table, and the shape of your dining table. The best rule of thumb is to select a rug size that is large enough so all chairs remain on the rug even when chairs are pulled out. A rug under the dining table provides cohesiveness between all of the pieces of furniture while also protecting your floors from scratches from the chairs. A win, win! If your dining table is a rectangle, go for a rectangle rug. If your dining table is round, go round. It’s best to keep shapes consistent!

The Bedroom

Bedroom from our Hymettus Project.

We can all agree that the main goal of the bedroom is to feel relaxing, cozy, and peaceful. The best way to add in those serene elements is through the use of linens, natural materials, and drumroll please… rugs! A rug in the bedroom can add character and a sense of tranquility. It’s the last thing your feet touch before diving into bed at night and the first thing your feet touch in the morning upon waking. That sense of touch sets the tone of your day and sets the foundation of your space. We love selecting a rug that feels comforting underfoot while also visually bringing your mind to ease. A printed Persian rug in soft hues is one of our favorite go-to’s.

Bedroom from our La Jolla Project.

Adding a rug sets the perimeter around the bed and can help the room feel put-together. A favorite layout of ours is selecting a medium-sized rug and placing the foot of the bed on top of the rug and the head of the bed slightly off onto the floor. This brings personality into the room without the rug feeling like it is taking over the entire space. Another method is layering a medium-sized rug over a large size. This is a great option for those who want a good neutral base layer mixed with a bit of pattern. For a smaller space, try going for two small runners on each side of the bed. This will add symmetry, color, and interest. Just make sure that the runner is wider than your bedside table and does not exceed the length of your bed or else the room could feel uneven.

We hope you enjoyed our tips and tidbits on rug sizes and layouts. We couldn’t wrap up this rug party without giving a few of our top picks, so take a little scroll below to view some of our current favorites. See ya’ll next month!

Our Top Picks in Rugs

Shop Rugs: 1. Textured Wool Rug , 2. Vintage Deerk Rug , 3. Arroyo Rug , 4. Heir Looms Antique Persian Rug , 5. Braid Round Rug , 6. Surya Urfa Rug , 7. Redondo Rug , 8. Sawyer Teal Rug , 9. Roxen Rug