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The Hostess Gift Guide

Photo from our Coronado J Project.

Holiday parties are in full swing, and you better believe we will be sipping a few cocktails and eating a Christmas cookie or two (or seven)! Whether for work, family, or play, it’s safe to say that this jolly time of year quickly gets packed with festivities. Where there are festivities, there is always a hostess hustling behind the scenes to bring the party to life. When there is a party being brought to life, it’s always nice to show your appreciation towards the one who is working hard to make the magic happen.

Photo from our Genter Project.

So on that note, we are jumping on the gift guide train and rounded up some favorite hosting essentials that are so stylish and timeless, your host can use them year-round for all of their entertainment needs. Now, while you sip bubbles into the night and nibble on all of the tasty finger foods, you can know that you’ve done your part in trying to spoil your host as much as your host has spoiled you. Cheers and happy holidays!

The Hostess Gift Guide

1. Mango Wood Serving Board , 2. Coasters Set , 3. Ceramic Cake Stand , 4. Brass Bottle Opener , 5. Water Pitcher , 6. 2019 Scribe Pinot Noir , 7. Dark Grey Cocktail Napkins , 8. Taper Candlestick Holders , 9. Elderflower Tonic , 10. Brass Cork Stopper , 11. Champagne Saucers , 12. Brass Cocktail Shaker