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Photo from our Point Loma Project.

Things are moving and grooving over here at South Harlow! We have several projects nearing their finishing line and awaiting photography, and we are so eager to share them with you all. Amongst these projects are several bathrooms and kitchens of all characters and styles. So that got us thinking, what do these spaces have in common that is a necessity as well as serve as a form of stylistic accessory? Faucets of course!

My oh my, there sure are many faucets of all shapes and sizes out there in the ether, so where to begin? Each room carries its own needs in terms of preference and function. For a kitchen faucet, you are wanting something with a high arch, sprayer, and something that will fulfill all of those daily kitchen tasks. For the bathroom, depending on how big the space may be, we must consider vanity space and if you are wanting to go the wall mounted route or the deck mounted route. Maybe you are looking for something that will elevate your bathtub to feel more like a spa-like experience. There are plenty of factors to take into consideration, to say the least, but when it comes to selecting your faucet, that part can be fun!

Photo from our Fern Glen Project.

We know the options are endless these days therefore honing in on selecting your perfect piece can feel a bit challenging, but consider this part like accessorizing your outfit for the day. Depending on what you plan on doing in the space, you want the faucet to be as functional as it is attractive. You want the faucet to pair with the overall style of your home. If you have a set tone for your home, select a faucet that sticks with that same style. On that note, however, mixing finishes can be fun, too. We love that look of mixing metals between faucets, hardware, and lighting. Just try to keep the mix minimal and make sure the overall color palettes flow together.

Photo from our Point Loma Project.

We’ve checked our sources, and we’ve selected some favorite faucets of all types and styles for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. Whether you’re looking for something for your kitchen, bath, or perhaps even your laundry, we’ve got you covered. Take a little scroll below and maybe give your sink a little upgrade.


1. Rejuvenation Bathroom Faucet , 2. Kingston Brass Wall Mount Faucet , 3. Studio Ore Kitchen Faucet , 4. Waterworks Bathroom Faucet , 5. Brizo Kitchen Faucet , 6. Delta Wall Mount Faucet , 7. Devol Kitchen Faucet , 8. Perrin & Rowe Wall Mount Faucet , 9. Newport Brass Kitchen Faucet