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An Ode to the Color Blue

Kitchen from our Avenida Manana Project.

Hello, world! We are four months deep into 2020, and boy oh boy what a strange four months it has been. The time spent indoors has us all self-reflecting and perhaps even considering some long contemplated shifts within our everyday choices and lifestyles. Hopefully, these shifts are for the better. We hope no one cut their own bangs out there while in lockdown!

While some things may feel out of our control at the moment, one thing that we can have a bit of control over is the feeling and the mood that we have within our home. Our home should feel like a secure safe haven away from life’s curveballs. Turbulent times like these accentuate the importance of having a home that calms the nerves and makes us feel at peace. One easy way of setting the tone within the home is through the use of color. Designers have long been using color to evoke certain moods and emotions. Color isn’t something that you just see, but it is something that you feel. It creates an entire atmosphere.

It should be of no surprise that we here at South Harlow love using the color blue in our projects. We’ve used this color in forms of paint, tile, furniture, and small accent décor pieces. Being based along the San Diego coastline makes our love of blue come ever so natural, however, there are some major psychological benefits with this oceanic hue that we also try to incorporate within the home.

Kitchen island in Sherwin Williams Foggy Gray paired with cabinetry painted in Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice from our Avenida Manana Project.

Blue is widely known to be beneficial to the body and the mind due to its calming and soothing effects. In fact, the color blue has been linked to lowering blood pressure and slowing down the heart rate. Blue has been known to represent serenity, peace, loyalty, and inner security. Lighter blues can instill a state of tranquility, help clarify the mind and thoughts, relieve stress, and can even improve concentration. Blue reflects nature: the sky, water, and air. It can be quite grounding; therefore, it is a favorite to incorporate within the home as an effort to bring a sense of connection with the outdoors.

Some of our favorite places to use blue is in the heart of the home, the kitchen. We love using it as an accent color for a pop of cool tones while mixing it with the warmth and textures of wood, woven elements, brass, and leathers. Bathrooms are another favorite space for us to use the color blue. It can create a spa-like atmosphere and can enhance relaxation while providing a fresh feeling.

Blue Danube field tile from European Tile Art in our Hymettus Project.
Kids bath from one of our most recent projects. Playful blue paired with the contrasting warmth of brass hardware and faucets.

It’s important to note that too much blue can feel cold and can almost have the opposite desired effect, so we love pairing it with neutrals like white, warm grays, and beige. Some of our favorite neutral paint pairings are Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray, Sherwin Williams’ Snowbound, Sherwin Williams’ Ceiling Bright White, and Sherwin Willilams’ Crushed Ice.

If you are looking for something a little more temporary and interchangeable, adding some pops of blue through home accessories and décor pieces are always an easy option. A patterned throw pillow, vase, or basket is a great way to make your house feel well-lived in and can also add some necessary layers and textures.

Pops of blue used through accent art in our Skylark Project.
One of our favorite calming color palettes seen here in our Skylark Project: light blue, white, and warm gray.
A relaxing scene from our Chelsea Project.

Our ode to blue is a forever love affair, and learning how to use it for all its psychological benefits can help you level up your interior game. If this pandemic has taught us all anything, it is the importance of having a calm mentality throughout all of the uncertainty. As the funky moods ebb and flow, one stable ground that can keep our nerves at bay is the look and feel of the home.

If you’re in the shopping mood and want to add a little blue to your life, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite home accessories from South Harlow Home below. As for now, that’s it for us. Stay well friends!

Shop blue: 1. Diamond Patterned Stoneware Planter in Large , 2. Denim Blue Square Pillow , 3. Large Sea Glass Beads in Dark Blue , 4. Hand-Woven Abaca Basket in Blue