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Our Dark Paint Top Picks

Mt. Platta Project: Cabinets in Westcott Navy by Benjamin Moore.

We are in a mood. A mood for dark paint! Though we are always game for all things light and bright, we can’t help but want to lean into the dark side. Deep, moody rooms have been making us feel all types of ways lately, and we are here for it! It feels soulful, ages with elegance, and can feel incredibly timeless. Dark paint is a great way to add drama to any space, yet it still pairs seamlessly with neutrals and bright whites. It can add depth and dimension while also providing a rich contrast against other design elements, like furnishings, fixtures, and textiles. We are total suckers for a dark hue paired with anything antiqued brass or reclaimed wood. Better yet, use a plaster or limewash finish, and we are talking about absolute textural heaven! 

So if you are obsessing over these moody vibes as much as we are, you are in luck! We went on a deep dive and compiled a list of some of the best dark paints in the game. Take a little peek at some inspiring designers who are really doing the dark paint game right, and shop our favorite colors below.

Looking for other shades of paint? Check out our post on some of South Harlow’s tried-and-true favorites! DESIGN TELL-ALL: OUR FAVORITE PAINT COLORS.

Interiors by Athena Calderone. Cabinetry in Railings by Farrow & Ball.
Interiors by Augusta Hoffman. Walls in Fade to Black in Roman Clay Finish by Portola Paints.
Interiors by Raili CA Design. Cabinetry in Ripe Olive by Sherwin Williams.
Interiors by Colossus MFG. Walls in Off-Black by Farrow & Ball.
Interiors by Studio Giancarlo Valle. Walls in Shelter in Limewash Finish by Portola Paints.


TOP ROW: 1. Fade to Black by Portola Paints , 2. Ripe Olive by Sherwin Williams , 3. Westcott Navy by Benjamin Moore | SECOND ROW: 4. Amherst Gray by Benjamin Moore , 5. Railings by Farrow & Ball , 6. Onyx by Benjamin Moore | THIRD ROW: 7. Off-Black by Farrow & Ball , 8. In the Navy by Portola Paints , 9. Cheating Heart by Benjamin Moore | LAST ROW: 10. Down Pipe by Farrow & Ball , 11. Shelter by Portola Paints , 12. Greenblack by Sherwin Williams

Bring on the Light: Table Lamp Roundup

Photo from our La Jolla Project.

Looking for a good way to light up your life? Well, you’ve come to the right place. When contemplating ways to enhance the ambiance of a room, lighting is easily one of the key players. In particular, one of the best ways to layer in elements of warmth and create mood is through accent lighting.

Photo from our La Jolla Project.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to incorporate a calming and comforting environment at home, a table lamp might just be your answer. Table lamps are, of course, functional, but they also add an artistic decor element to any space. Pairing soothing light with a sculptural design component is a double win in our book.

Photo from our Peters Stone Project.

Lucky for us, the options of lamps of all sorts these days come in quite an incredible range. Whether it be plaster, ceramic, rattan, or stone, the material and design style of your choice is out there, we promise! Go bold with statement shapes and scales, keep things classic with clean and timeless lines, or better yet, mix a few design styles for a beautifully dynamic home. So, whether it be in the entryway, living room, bedroom, or office space, check out our top picks in table lamps to add that extra layer artistic functionality to illuminate your home today. 

The Table Lamp Roundup

1. Boulder Table Lamp , 2. Mojave Ceramic Lamp , 3. Decker Table Lamp , 4. Sandstone Table Lamp , 5. Ansley Table Lamp , 6. Bella Skirt Lamp , 7. Capelli Table Lamp , 8. Minimalist Table Lamp , 9. Wood & Woven Lamp , 10. Hascombe Rattan Lamp Base , 11. Playa Table Lamp , 12. Frankfort Black Ash Lamp

The Return of Grasscloth Wallpaper

Image from our Windansea Project.

Does anyone else remember their parents having jute and raffia-covered walls back in the ’70s and ’80s? Oh yes, we know we sure do! Well, it’s 2021, and grasscloth wallpaper is back in action! Though it seems to be trending, this textural wallcovering piece stands the test of time. Its natural material and cozy, down-to-earth feel make it a true interior favorite during these travel-reduced times of being cooped up inside the home. Any reason to bring more of nature’s elements into the home is always a win in our book!

Image from our Peters Stone Project.

Grasscloth is a general term for any natural fibers that include jute, sisal, hemp, seagrass, and raffia. Not only do these fibers feel organic and laidback, but they are also sure to adapt to any interior style: polished and traditional, rustic and refined, bold and dramatic, you name it! These days, grasscloth extends far beyond your typical neutral-colored sisal, too. We have naturally dyed colors of all hues, block-printed patterns, and geometric shapes in all types of sizes. You can go as subtle and understated or as striking and impactful as you choose. Grasscloth wallpaper is a great alternative to paint when you are looking for something with more depth and dimension, and it’s a way to add layers of warm texture without being too distracting or overpowering.

Scroll below to take a little peek of a few grasscloth wallpaper looks that we are loving and some designers who are doing this look so right. Feeling inspired? We’ve gathered a list of a few wallpapers that are catching our eyes, from natural-toned to bold color to patterns small and large. Let us know what you think!

Interior Design by Katie Monkhouse Interiors.
Interior Design by Heidi Caillier Design.
Interior Design by Brooke Wagner Design.
Interior Design by Jean Stoffer Design.

Our Top Picks in Grasscloth Wallpaper:

1. Indigo Grasscloth , 2. LOXO Onyx Grasscloth , 3. Ritva Grasscloth , 4. Two-Tone Stripe Grasscloth , 5. Wan Grasscloth , 6. Tailor Grasscloth , 7. Amane Grasscloth , 8. Sying Grasscloth , 9. Juicy Jute – Baltic Blue , 10. Riley Grasscloth , 11. Bit of Blue Grasscloth , 12. Grasslands in Taupe

The Office Chair Round-Up

Photo from our La Jolla Shores Project.

Just like that, kids are back in school, which means we are back at work full-time mode. Why must summer go by like the blink of an eye? Though we are holding on to the last few weeks of summer for dear life, there is something so comforting about fall’s happenings and cozying back up with our daily routines. Call us crazy, but we are ready to get back to the grind and have our lives organized for success for the up and coming months ahead. Whether you are working from home or are back in the office, it’s time to get back into that steady workflow, and we are here to help make your office situation look its best! We rallied up a few South Harlow-approved office chairs that are just as chic and cute as they are comfortable and functional. Scroll below, and happy shopping!

Image from our La Jolla Shores Project.
Image from our Village Green Project.

Shop Desk Chairs:

Top Row: Cohen Desk Chair , Bowtie Green Boucle Chair , Roan Wood Office Chair | Second Row: Quinn Desk Chair , Alexa Desk Chair , Slope Leather Chair | Third Row: Colusa Desk Chair , Bryson Desk Chair , Channel Suede Chair | Bottom Row: Tyler Desk Chair , Diversey Office Chair , Cooper Mid-Century Chair

Design Tell-All: Our Favorite Paint Colors

Oh paint, how we adore you so! Paint is one of the quickest ways to give your space a total transformation and set the tone of your home. This is true for not only walls but for cabinetry, doors, and shelving, too! Though it may be a quick and easy solution for upgrading your home, selecting your color of choice is a whole other story. The options are endless, and after a while, every shade starts to blend together into one sad puddle of overwhelming frustration. Well do not fret our friends, that is why we are here and what this post is all about! We are spilling the beans on our most frequently asked about paint colors and sharing some of our go-to shades. Take a little scroll below and explore some South Harlow favorite hues!

Mount La Platta Project: Cabinets in Westcott Navy by Benjamin Moore.
Windansea Project: Lower Cabinets & Island in Tempe Star by Sherwin Williams. Ceilings in High Reflective White by Sherwin Williams.
Windansea Project: Upper Cabinets in Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore.
Coronado J Project: Pantry & Island in Black Magic by Sherwin Williams. Cabinets in Super White by Benjamin Moore.
Coronado J Project: Hood in Brooks – Roman Clay by Portola Paints.
La Jolla Project: Board & Batten Wall in Acacia Haze by Sherwin Williams.
Point Loma Project: Lower Cabinets & Island in Cheating Heart by Benjamin Moore.
Avenida Manana Project: Island in Foggy Day by Sherwin Williams. Cabinets in Crushed Ice by Sherwin Williams.
Hymettus Project: Island in Slate Tile by Sherwin Williams.

Our Favorite Paint Colors:

1. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore , 2. Tempe Star by Sherwin Williams , 3. High Reflective White by Sherwin Williams , 4. Westcott Navy by Benjamin Moore , 5. Brooks – Roman Clay by Portola Paints , 6. Black Magic by Sherwin Williams , 7. Super White by Benjamin Moore , 8. Acacia Haze by Sherwin Williams , 9. Cheating Heart by Benjamin Moore , 10. Foggy Day by Sherwin Williams , 11. Crushed Ice by Sherwin Williams , 12. Slate Tile by Sherwin Williams

Room Designs for the Little Ones in Your Life

Nursery Design from our Hymettus Project.

Hello, blog family! It has been an exciting month over here in the world of South Harlow. For starters, we have wrapped up several exciting projects in the past few weeks, some of which we’ve been working on for years. Look out on the ole Instagram for more photos of these beauties to come. On a more personal and life-changing note, our fearless leader, Erika, gave birth to her third boy, and he’s the most precious little squish we ever did see! That’s right THIRD boy. So with three small kiddos running the household, we thought it would be a fun idea to do a nursery and kids room design for those tiny humans in your life. One for the boys, one for the girls, and even some interchangeable pieces for both, too! We’ve got to train them to appreciate design while they are young, right? As much as we need to surround ourselves with an environment that makes us feel happy, our children deserve an inspiring place to grow, too. Take a scroll below to see some nursery and children’s room designs by the South Harlow Interiors crew, and then take a peek at our boys & girls room round-ups while you’re at it. Let this post be your muse to give your kids an uplifting room upgrade!

Kids Room Design from our La Jolla Project.
Kids Room Design from our La Jolla Project.
Nursery Design from our La Jolla Project.
Nursery Design from our Hymettus Project.


1. Bunting , 2. Moon & Earth Poster Print , 3. Life is Wonderful Print , 4. Rattan Table Lamp , 5. Jute Basket Set , 6. Mercado Hamper , 7. Ochre Cotton Quilt , 8. Denim Blue Square Pillow , 9. Divan Twin Bed , 10. Diamondscape Rug , 11. Dot Tufted Poufs


1. Dolly Natural Tall Bookcase , 2. Rainbow Print , 3. Glazed Stoneware Bell – Cylinder , 4. Glazed Stoneware Bell – Round , 5. Linen Quit in Blush , 6. Nash Convertible Crib , 7. Sarina Rug , 8. Kershaw Chair , 9. Striped Ottoman Cube