Vignette from our La Jolla Project.

It’s a good day and age to be an interior designer. Our options are endless! We’ve got numerous companies sourcing materials and seeking out masters of a craft all over the globe so that we, designers and home enthusiasts, can have easy access at one click of a button. It seems as if there is a new discovery to be made almost daily.

One home item in particular that has gone from basic to a full-on room game-changer is the wall mirror. Wall mirrors have become such a statement piece. Sculptural in shape, they have taken on a whole new art form. They can even take the place of artwork on the walls and become a conversation of their own. Instead of investing in multiple pieces of art, hang a statement mirror in its place, and you will have a more open and bright feel to your room.

Living room from our Skylark Project.

It’s true. Mirrors can take a bland space from 0 to 100 in one quick fix. Have some simple, white subway tiles in the bathroom? Warm them up with a brass vanity mirror for contrast and edge. Have a big open wall space but want to keep things clean and minimal? Yup, a mirror is the answer. Mirrors can be the first statement you make as an inviting entryway. They can be the focal point of a vignette. Mirrors are the jewelry to the bathroom and the accessory that pulls the look together. Like hardware and lighting, they come in a mix of finishes, from brass to iron to nickel, leaving the mix of metals up to your choosing. Nowadays, we can even get mirrors wrapped in leather or rope with a hanging strap as if we are choosing a new handbag.

Entryway from our Skylark Project.
Principle bath from our Hymettus Project.

So instead of settling for a dull, run-of-the-mill mirror for your home, spice your walls up and adorn them with the beauty that they deserve! Your walls will appreciate the effort, we promise.

We scoured the Internet and selected a few favorites, so scroll down to shop mirrors that caught our eye!

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